Bawden bespoke
Bawden bespoke

Welcome to the future of Bawden Bespoke.

For the past seven years we have produced our shirts in Singapore. Due to changes in the labour laws in there our current factory is unable to find enough employees to meet our demand. Together we have built a respected brand and we are very sad to be looking for another manufacturer but we clearly have no choice. Our guys in Singapore were not perfect, but they certainly made a very high quality shirt which lasted well and they will be difficult to replace.

For the next month we are trialing a new manufacturer based in China. We have done some preliminary testing with and we have been very impressed. In fact we have looked all over the World, from Bulgaria to Germany, Turkey to India, and Thailand to Portugal and this factory has had the best production we have seen.

You may also notice the move to a new order interface which enables much more detail to be added to your shirts. The move to a dot com brings us back to our roots, in the future our website will divert here. We have also decided to change our payment currency into US Dollars. There are a number of reasons for this not the least of which is the volatility in the AUD which makes life difficult with pricing. This is something we want to avoid. We hope that our very fair prices will more than compensate for any money you lose in fees or currency exchange if you are used to paying in AUD.

To encourage you to assist us in trialing this new maker we are offering the following deals. If you already have the loyalty discount of 20% we offer you an extra 10% (so 30% in total). If you haven't yet qualified for this then you are eligible for a 20% discount (discount codes available in the checkout process).

We hope you enjoy the new interface and enjoy the shirts made by our new manufacturer. We welcome any feedback that you may have, good or bad. And as ever we are extremely grateful for your loyalty and support.

Marcus Bawden

Our decide
30% discount
Loyal Customer* Test Discount
Order a shirt and get a 30% automatic discount.
20% discount
Regular Customer Test Discount
Order a shirt and get a 20% automatic discount. Use the discount code NEWMAKER.
Bawden bespoke
What Clients Say About Bawden Bespoke

"I am writing to say how happy I am with your shirts. Without doubt these are the best shirts I have in my wardrobe.I have 38 shirts at present that are not yours and shirts I paid $130 to $200 .They are not a patch on Bawden Bespoke Shirts. I now have four of yours and will order more over the next two months .Thanks for making buying shirts easy"

"Very impressed with the quality of fabric and tailoring. Thanks for your assistance and the excellent follow up.. I am most impressed."

"I want to let you know that the shirt has arrived yesterday, and is quite truly spectacular. The fabric is luxurious and the finish is superb. You and your team have done an amazing job, so much so that I am going to order another shirt in the next day or so, then take advantage of your discount offer next month!!"

"...the shirts are very good indeed"

"I have been struggling to find an off the rack shirt at a decent price for years to fit my sleeve length, I even resorted to trying overseas tailors while on holidays but just found the quality was just not there after a few washes. After trying Bawden Bespoke I cannot say how happy I am with both the quality and value for money they offer, I have found a life time supplier!"

"I received my shirt today and it is perfect. You have preserved my sanity as I need never shop for another shirt again, thank you. I shall endeavor to recommend your services to as many chaps as I can"

"Thank you for the high quality of your shirts"

"It is awesome mate, I tried it on the other night and it fits like a glove. I know what you mean when you said “You’ve probably never worn a shirt that fits you, now!"

"the shirt is great thanks. The fit is good"

"Shirt fits like a glove have gone ahead and order and paid for the next three shirts."

Bawden bespoke
Bawden bespoke
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